So I just had to title the post “Reads” instead of “Speaks” because I have this awesome photo to go along with it!  Yeah yeah yeah, plenty of politicians speak(read) with teleprompters, but Obama is definitely one of the most well-known “teleprompter politicians”.  Personally, I’m not a fan of teleprompters because I’d rather hear from the person, not the script.  But sure whatever it’s fine with me if you use a teleprompter, anyways, let’s get down to business, the Obama rally in Leesburg, VA today!

I waited about 4hrs to hear the President speak.  It wasn’t worth it, the speech was full of his usual rif raf and some jokes that didn’t work out too well about how he can’t do somersaults and other random stuff.   I got the chance to get to know some nice people in the crowd after sitting out in the sun with them for hours.  I got some great interviews and other video footage to show y’all!  I will give you a full, legit post later on(with video), because right now I need to get ready for the summit in DC tomorrow!

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God Bless!

  1. jthmishmash says:

    Sidenote: that is a REAL picture taken by me at the rally, you don’t gotta photoshop great moments like that

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