Today was the 6th Annual Defending the American Dream Summit, which is organized by the Americans for Prosperity Foundation.  The goal of the summit is “to send a powerful message to Congress and President Obama that Americans do not want government controlling our lives and sending future generations into debt. Featuring grassroots training, sessions with experts on their topics, and rallies with high-profile speakers, the summit provides an avenue for all Americans to voice their concerns and learn how to promote economic freedom and prosperity no matter what part of the country they are from”, according to summit material.

I traveled to the Washington Hilton in Washington, DC to check this event out myself for the first time. I was very impressed by the program.  From the enthusiastic speakers at the rally and opening session to the informed, helpful panelists in the breakout sessions.  The whole event today was an all around success in my opinion.  Although, I did miss the popular “Tribute to Ronald Reagan” dinner which Gov. Bob McDonnell, Gov. Scott Walker, Michelle Malkin, and others spoke at.  Tomorrow I will be there the whole day to bring more coverage to YOU.  So here’s my first video from the day, highlights from the general opening session:


Later, I will be publishing full footage from the “Hands Off my Healthcare” rally AND full footage of a breakout session from the summit.  Here’s a photo I took with my low quality cellphone of the repeal Obamacare rally:

God Bless!

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