Taxpayers’ dollars get spent on what?

Posted: August 6, 2012 in Politics
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  • Dead Federal Employees
  • Video Game Preservation
  • Drug-themed restaurant
  • Magic Museum
  • Michigan Christmas Tree Promotion
  • (1 million Dollar) Ad Campaign to encourage you to visit a government website
  • A Study on whether or not you trust your twitter feed
  • A Study on how college students use their phones for social networking
  • 5 week seminar in Rome for 16 professors
  • Redesign of a website

So what’s that list about!? That’s a short list of a FEW of the items the government spent YOUR money on! Thank you very much to Senator Tom Coburn for providing this information to us!  You can read Senator Coburn’s “Wastebook: A Guide to Some of the Most Wasteful and Low Priority Government Spending of 2012” by clicking here. I pulled about 10 items from his list of 100!  You should probably be a little bit outraged right now and don’t think that the list of wasteful government spending ends at #100. The government goes on a spending spree with our money all of the time. We are almost 16 TRILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT! We obviously have a problem, time to find a solution…oh right I have a solution, don’t waste money and don’t spend what you don’t have….I’m pretty sure that’s the kind of economics you learn in elementary school!  It’s not as difficult as they want you to think, they need to quit lollygagging around their job and get to work.  The only difficult part is that on Capitol Hill we have politicians dealing with politicians…which definitely isn’t the “dream team” of problem solvers we’d like to have on the job. So, if we don’t like what’s going on, we ALL need to hold them accountable by emailing, tweeting, and calling our elected officials!  In the end, the best way to hold our ELECTED officials accountable is by VOTING….that means you need to register to vote and get everyone you know to register to vote!

Thanks again to Senator Coburn for that great list of ways the government wastes our money!

Random notes:

The social media breakout session video footage from this weekend’s “Defending the American Dream Summit” is up, check it out here: along with the “Hands Off My Health Care Rally” full footage here: and Mark Levin’s speech from the summit here:

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God Bless!

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