Are your Elected Representatives “Conservative”?

Posted: August 10, 2012 in Politics
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Do you want to know how conservative your Members of Congress are?  Would you like to hold them accountable, to a higher level of conservatism?

A lot of campaigns run on the concept of “being conservative”, but do they really follow through once in office?

Find out now with the “Heritage Action Score Card”! (

The Heritage Action Score Card gives every single member of congress a rating from 0% to 100%. 0% being not conservative at all and 100% being perfectly and completely conservative.  Like right now, the top performers in the House are: Rep. Duncan(97%), Rep. Flake(97%), Rep. Franks(97%), Rep. Graves(97%), Rep. Broun(95%) and in the Senate: Sen. DeMint(99%), Sen. Lee(99%), Sen. Johnson(95%), Sen. Paul(95%), and Sen. Rubio(95%). The only two 0%’s are Rep. Giffords and Del. Norton.

The great thing about this score card is that it is always changing based on what’s going on in Congress and who voted for what. This is a great way to hold our elected representatives accountable!

God Bless!

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