I had the opportunity to work with a rising political figure during this past primary season on the Students for Santorum campaign, Shane Bias.  He is currently the President of Students for Romney and Young Americans for Romney.  I’ve reached out to him for his insight on the current presidential election through a quick “email interview”:

How do you think this election will affect you and the rest of America?

This election is the most important election in any of our history.  This will directly affect the livelihood of every single American but more importantly, it will affect the future for our nation as we know it.

Why is Romney the right choice for America?

Romney has the business background and the leadership experience needed to successfully operate and lead our country. Romney has the knowledge and ability to right the wrongs that the Obama administration has made for the last 4 years. If you want a flourishing economy, if you want jobs here in America and if you want less government spending, then you want Mitt Romney!!

What is your general opinion on “third-party” candidates and their effect on this election?

Third party candidates can help or hurt a party in any given election. They stand for what they believe in and should have the right to representation. Basically even though they may hurt us at some point in furthering our ideals, they have the right to represent their beliefs just as much as we do.

How can other students get involved with this election?

There are numerous amount of ways you can get involved. But to keep it short and simple, you guys can E-mail me at Shane@studentsformittromney2012.com or visit our webpage at www.StudentsforMittRomney2012.com and get involved. We are actively seeking writers, state chairs, co-chairs and other volunteer positions at the moment! It is a great resume builder and a terrific launch into the political arena.

Any last comments?

Remember how important this election is. We currently have a President who is destroying what our nation stands for fundamentally and physically. We must act now and stand up and take our country back, Our time is now! We can no longer wait for someone else to do the dirty work, we must stand up, roll up our sleeves and do it ourselves. Because at the end of the day, this will be our debt, our future, that will be left in our hands. Let’s get it right for America!

Shane Bias is a junior at Marshall University. He entered politics at a very early age, holding his first executive position at age 16, on a congressional campaign. He also played a pivotal role in the primaries and election cycle this year. Shane built and managed the second largest student movement in the primary behind the label, Students for Rick Santorum. Days after Santorum dropped out of the race, Shane was contacted by Young Americans for Mitt Romney and was elected president of that organization, his current position. Also, a couple of months after accepting the position as president of YAMR, Shane was voted in as President of Students for Romney.

I want to thank Shane for taking the time to answer those questions for us!  I hope to do more “email interviews” with other political figures in the future and post them here for y’all to see!  If you have anyone in mind, shoot me an email (JTHmishmash@gmail.com) or use twitter(@JTHmishmash)

God Bless!

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