Well this isn’t a “Big f***ing deal”, like Mr. Biden would say, but it’s really really funny:

As you can see from the video, he said “we can win North Carolina” when he was campaigning in Virginia.  You think you would know which state you were campaigning in, especially being a high-profile candidate and everything, that’s kind of simple, right?! WRONG. Well, that just shows you how much of a clue this guy has.  (Wait Wait Wait! I just thought of a conspiracy! MAYBE he’s planning on having his supporters vote in VA AND NC!!! AH HA! I solved the mystery of why he said what he said!)

I CAN NOT wait until he has to debate Paul Ryan…that debate will go down in history.  Oh and speaking of stuff Joe Biden says, I think I just overheard on the news something about how Biden said that RomneyRyan would put us back in chains? Hmmm…. I’ll have to check that out. Anyways…

Random announcement!: I just launched a Facebook page for JTHmishmash!!!! Check it out and “like” it if you feel like it!

God Bless!


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