This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.

That’s it. Obama said that.  We can NOT trust this man with a second term! He wont be held accountable because he doesn’t have voters (AKA: YOU) to get in his way!  Just like he says, it’s his last election so he’ll have much more flexibility to do what he wants without having to worry about getting elected again. (FYI, want to know more of what’s behind that quote?, click here for the story about that quote caught on a hot mic)

Steps out of the Obama mess(in a nutshell):

1. Elect a new President.

2. Secure a conservative Congress.

3. Hold them all accountable.

That sounds kinda simple, but there’s a lot of work that needs to be done and it starts with you getting involved in little ways.  Start by checking out my new “Get Involved” page, It’s still a work in progress!

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God Bless!

  1. Wolverine says:

    You might be interested to know this. The photo you took some time ago of POTUS in Leesburg with the teleprompter covering his face? I just saw a similar photo by Reuters during a more recent Obama campaign event in Ohio. You and Reuters. How about that?!

    • jthmishmash says:

      Yeah! I saw it on this morning and then later in the day on drudge report! Unfortunately it wasn’t mine that caught on, but oh well, atleast it’s trending and I guess I “started” it haha, who knows if they ever saw mine. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Wolverine says:

    One would hope that more voters catch on to the significance of that “hot mic” incident. It involved US policy toward Russia under Putin at a time when the Russians are trying to climb back into truly equal superpower status with us and China. In so doing, they are often working at cross purposes with us, with the primary examples being Iran and Syria. Moreover, they are looking to expand their military strength by, inter alia, increasing their military air capability and looking for their first extraterritorial naval base (outside of Syria) since the Soviet era. This hunt for a base includes talks with Cuba, among others, on the issue.

    What the hot mic incident should tell us is that POTUS is not telling us the truth about his Russia policy and that he wanted Putin to understand privately that he can ignore Obama’s words to the American people because the US will have a different and more “flexible” policy once POTUS is free of the electoral demands. Is that what we want in a POTUS? He scams us and tells the Russians not to worry because he is scamming us? Putin must have relished those words from POTUS — until the hot mic tripped things up a bit.

    That is just one policy scam. How many others are out there in this election season?

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