I’ve written before about twitter and how it’s a good venue to get active discussing politics with others. I just want to share an example of the kinds of discussions you can have with others: http://storify.com/JTHmishmash/ignorance .  Wasn’t that fun!? Now, don’t think that is the only use for twitter in politics.  There are numerous ways twitter is used and affects politics everyday:

  • Politicians tweet
  • Citizens can tweet at politicians
  • Citizens can engage in conversation with other citizens and/or polticians
  • Media can post real-time updates
  • Citizens can influence by tweeting opinions (or “microblogging)
  • Ability to spread information faster than ever imaginable
  • Ability to organize activists by the click of a button
  • The list goes on and on….

I think social media is going to influence this election more than ever.  It’s how rumors, facts, unheard news, etc get spread like a wildfire.  Social media provides the best venue for grassroots organizers and activists to get involved, never before have we had such a venue that you could communicate to such a massive audience so quickly.  If you want a front row seat for the Presidential Election, get a social media account, get involved, get engaged, and enjoy the ride. For more information on how to get involved: click here.

Some last words, I say this over and over again and it’s really cliche and I feel all weird saying it. You can make a difference, you just have to get involved.  One post on facebook could change someones mind on a vote.  One tweet could contribute to a movement that could affect the outcome of an election.  Even just using these venues could teach you something, you might learn something new and pass it on to others and then the chain reaction starts. Twitter obviously isn’t the only way to get involved and probably isn’t even the best way, but it’s somewhere to start.  I understand some people don’t like to get involved with social media, just get involved.  We’re at a crucial point in the path our country will take, don’t let a road be chosen without your voice being heard.

Obama is always talking about how we have two visions and two paths to choose from.  Which one is yours?

God Bless.


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