Conservative grassroots organization,Americans for Prosperity, is going coast to coast with their new “Obama’s Failing Agenda Tour”.  The tour’s goal is to highlight Obama’s failing agenda and to encourage grassroots pressure on the President.  AFP mentions a few results that were caused by Obama’s “failing agenda” including 42 straight months of unemployment above 8% and 16 trillion dollars of national debt.  AFP hopes to educate Americans on the failing agenda and why/how it hurts America.

Yesterday, September 8th, I attended an Obama’s Failing Agenda Tour stop in Stafford, VA.  A nice group of citizens(Including members from AFP and the John Adams Patriots) showed up to volunteer their time making phone calls and going door to door.  AFP VA State Director, Audrey Jackson, and popular journalist/columnist, John Fund, spoke at the event. (I had an opportunity to interview them both)  Here’s a video mix of the event I created:

The event was great and I recommend you check the schedule to see if a bus is coming to a town near you!

God Bless!

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