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For some odd reason (I guess I thought it would be funny) I signed up to be on the Obama for America email list.  I’ve learned two things from getting this emails:

1. Team Obama comes up with some really creative email subject line titles

2. Team Obama really needs money

Here’s a small experiment I ran: I tracked the emails I’ve received from the Obama campaign the first 10 days in September.  First, let’s take a look at the subject lines, here’s every Obama campaign email from September 1st to September 10th:

“Seriously, thank you” (from Obama for America) – You’re welcome……?

“25% OFF everything in the store!” (from Obama for America) – Well if that’s the case I better hurry up and buy my Obama pencils.

“A big night in Ashburn” (from “Barack”) – Are you going to visit again and bring in another small crowd?

“I’m about to take the stage” (from “Michelle”) – Where are you going to take it?

“About tonight” (from Julian Castro) – Yeah about that, sorry I couldn’t make it, I got stuck in traffic and my cell phone broke.

“John, thank you.” (from “Michelle”) – You are certainly welcome, Mrs. Obama.

“The First Lady knocked it out of the park” (from “Joe”) – Wait, she did what? 

“Absolutely urgent” (from Bill Clinton) – What happened!?!!  Is this about the First Lady knocking something out of a park?

“I hope you do something about it” (from Bill Clinton) – Oh trust me, I will.

“Before I take the stage” (from “Barack”) – Your wife is way ahead of you, she already took it, you better go find it!

“So…” (from “Barack”) – Uh-Oh, what’d you this time?  

“Fired up, John? Volunteer this Sunday” (from Marlon Marshall) – Yes, I’m very fired up.  No, I’m busy.

“John, you’re amazing” (from “Michelle”) – I’m glad you think so, Michelle.

“By midnight: 600,000 donations” (from “Barack”) – Good Luck.

“33,000 to go by midnight” (from Julianna Smoot) – Ok…did you really have to fill my inbox with another one of these pleas for cash?

“This is me, asking you” (from Kal Penn) – Uhhh…. I don’t think I’m ready to take that kind of big step, Kal.

“Choose your car magnet” (from Obama for America) – Those probably aren’t good for the environment…?

“I’ll be damned” (from Jim Messina) – C’mon Jim, I expect this kind of language from Joe, but not you.

“You proved them wrong” (from “Barack”) – Oh, foreal!? That’s exciting.

Yeah, I get some pretty important emails from some pretty important people….AND I’m on a first name basis with most of them!  That’s 19 emails in 10 days, which is an average of almost 2 emails a day.  Most (17 out of 19) of the emails are trying to get my money, they’re practically begging.  They’re so desperate that they’re spamming their own supporters.   All of the emails are hilarious to read, but here’s one of my favorites from Barack:

Well it’s a good thing you can’t do this without me, because you don’t have me.  I guess this means I can congratulate Mitt ahead of time?

Anyways, I’ll add some more fun email quotes and info in the comments.

God Bless!

  1. jthmishmash says:

    Remember the email with “Absolutely Urgent” written in the subject line, well wana know what was so urgent??? A request for a $3 donation….here’s the text:

    John —

    Don’t take anything for granted.

    Don’t think you can wait because your neighbor is stepping up, or that someone else will pick up the slack. Don’t think that you can wait until the debates, or until after these conventions.

    When you look at what the other side is spending — and where they want to take this country — none of us can afford to think that way.

    It is absolutely urgent we win this election, and the only way President Obama is going to win is because of what you do. Donate $3 or more to support Barack Obama:

    We can win this.

    Thanks for doing your part.

    Bill Clinton

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