As you can probably determine from the title, this post marks the 100th all-time post on JTHmishmash!  Because 100 is such an awesome milestone, I figured I would make a big announcement I’ve been waiting a little while to tell y’all.  [Drum Roll……..]

I will be hosting a talk radio show on WGMU, beginning tonight!  The political talk show’s name is “Take it to the Hill”.  It’s the place for politics here at GMU and the only political talk show on WGMU! I hope to bring a liberal, guest co-host on most shows to make things more interesting(because I’m a conservative…duh).

You can listen LIVE every Monday at 10PM and Thursday at 10AM on

“Take it to the Hill” has a Facebook page! You can visit it and “like” it by clicking here!  As well, you can follow me on Twitter for more updates by clicking here!

Hope you all get the chance to listen in tonight at 10PM online at !

God Bless!


  1. John says:

    Looking forward to hearing the show!!!

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