Final Countdown

Posted: October 8, 2012 in Politics

We’re about a month away from election day, November 6th.  The polls are essentially tied for the Presidential race and other races vary throughout the US, but the ONLY poll that is going to matter is the one we all get to participate in on election day.  It is SO VERY IMPORTANT that we do everything we can these last days that will speed by.  One single day is going to affect our future for many years to come, one single day is going to determine who leads our country these next 4 years.  You better be ready for this vote and you better be ready to take action.  Where I live, I will be voting for Mitt Romney, George Allen, and Frank Wolf. Find out who your choices are! The one choice we all have in common is Mitt Romney, so I’m going to give you a list of 3 easy ways to contribute and get involved in campaigning for the future of our country.

  1. Vote multiple times! Wait wait wait, I know what you’re thinking, that’s voter fraud!  True. So YOU specifically can’t vote more than once, BUT you can encourage others on to vote on Nov. 6th.  You can tell others about Mitt Romney and his plan for a better America, and then encourage those people to actually get out and vote!  That is what I mean by voting multiple times!  Encourage people to vote!
  2. Volunteer! Going door to door, making phone calls, helping with other tasks….there are numerous ways YOU can help out and make a big difference at the local campaign office.  Just perform a simple google search for your area’s local campaign offices.
  3. Encourage others! As I mentioned earlier, encouraging others to vote is a wonderful way to get more votes for our cause, BUT WAIT, there’s more! Encouraging others to get involved and to be informed can go a long way.  They’ll then go on and encourage others and inform others, hopefully.  It’s a continuous chain reaction to victory.

OK, so I took a break in writing this a couple of days ago, so I don’t exactly remember what I was writing, but I’m not gonna read back over and just trust that I did a decent job!  I think the point is, this is the final stretch to victory, and we can only push harder.  We can’t take it easy and slack off and hope someone else will do the work, we have to do every little thing possible to win this race fairly.

There’s a lot of work to be done…but it starts with this election.  Winning this election will only be the start, but you can’t start a car without the key…this election is the key, it’s a step in the right direction.  This is a VERY IMPORTANT key for our country, we must secure it.

In conclusion….. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE VOTE, VOLUNTEER, TALK TO PEOPLE, GET A BUMPER STICKER, PUT A SIGN UP, VOLUNTEER SOME MORE, TELL SOMEONE TO VOTE, DO WHAT YOU CAN TO HELP OUT WITH THIS ELECTION.  Many of those things wont seem important or significant, but every little thing counts…something little counts when a large mass of people do that little thing.  Start a trend, get involved.

God Bless.

PS- Listen to my radio show tonight (Monday, October 8th) on at 10PM tonight!

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