Uh-Oh, they better fix this problem before the new gun law in NY takes effect in March, otherwise NY police will have to remove 8 rounds from their 9 mil handgun magazines.


If you haven’t heard, NY passed a new gun law banning certain semi-automatic firearms, limiting amount of ammo allowed in a magazine (7), and numerous other regulations.  The part they didn’t exempt the police from = only 7 bullets are allowed to be loaded per magazine at a time.


That’s pretty hilarious, but this is a great opportunity to evaluate the logic of NY’s gun law.  Why would a police officer need more than 7 rounds loaded at a time?  Duh, it’s possible they’ll need more if they miss and/or run out of 7 rounds before they finish their job, but shouldn’t that same logic apply to citizens while they’re defending their OWN HOME?  If the police might need more than 7 bullets at a time, so would somebody at their home, especially because they have to wait for the police to arrive!


Three more points that relate:

Bullets for handloading - Sierra brand in .270...

  1. If a bad guy is going to break the law to kill someone, do you think they would be concerned with the law that says they can only have 7 bullets loaded at a time? I doubt it. They are going to have illegal weapons and bullets while they participate in an illegal activity…they’re criminals. This law will not stop that.
  2. Why 7 bullets? How’d they come to the decision for that magical perfectly safe number?  Why not 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6?  OR 8, 9, 10, and so on…? What if the 7th shot doesn’t do its’ job?  WHAT MAKES THOSE LEGISLATORS EXPERTS ON GUN SAFETY AND CONTROL?! Are they really qualified to make such decisions to put NY citizens’ lives on the line?
  3. It only takes a second to re-load magazines, literally…a second.  Shouldn’t really stop a criminal…besides, why would they follow the law.  I’m not sure how they think this law is going to help, but my point is that it’s pointless and only harms law-abiding people.

How do you feel about NY’s new law? Should your state do the same?  Comment here and be sure to join in on the conversation through twitter! Tell me what you think! @JTHmishmash


God Bless!



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