By Marc Hyden, Conservatives Concerned about the Death Penalty

Conservatives Concerned about the Death Penalty is a national network of conservatives
questioning whether capital punishment is consistent with conservative principles. We came
together to debunk the perception that conservatives blindly support the death penalty, as well
as to create a forum to discuss the need to re-examine capital punishment from a conservative

Many conservatives believe the death penalty is a wasteful government program with an
unacceptable probability of executing innocent people, that it fails victims’ families, doesn’t
make the public safer, and that it’s arbitrarily and unfairly administered.

One big consideration for conservatives is innocence. So far, more than 140 people have
been freed from death row for wrongful convictions and others have been executed despite
serious doubts about the evidence. Our judicial system cannot be 100% accurate, and many
conservatives are wary of government power– especially when U.S. citizens can be killed.

For fiscal conservatives, the cost of the death penalty is indefensible. Several studies have shown
that death penalty cases are up to 20 times more expensive than those where the sentence is life
without the possibility of release.

Attempts to “fix” the death penalty by shortening the appeals process would virtually guarantee
the execution of innocents; some have been exonerated after spending as much as 33 years on
death row and exhausting all avenues of the appeals process.

The death penalty system fails victims’ families by not delivering justice that’s swift and sure.
It prolongs their pain, dragging them through a decades-long process that promises an execution
but rarely delivers on that promise. The death penalty showers resources and attention on a few
cherry-picked cases, telling families that some lives are more important than others.

Capital punishment also fails to serve as a deterrent to murder. The National Research Council
examined more than 30 years of statistical data and studies and found no credible evidence that
the death penalty deters; yet another failure of the death penalty system.

Many conservatives tell us they oppose the death penalty because of their pro-life views,
believing that life extends from conception to natural death. While some claim that the right to
life is reserved for innocent life only, the judicial system has proven time and time again it makes
mistakes in matters of innocence.

Still, other conservatives have come to the same conclusion through their own faith. Many
believe that matters of life and death are best left up to God. They also claim that the death
penalty ignores the possibility of redemption and may even prevent it from occurring.

Conservatives everywhere are joining together to raise doubts about this wasteful and
overreaching government program; even those who believe in capital punishment are beginning
to accept that the death penalty system is irrevocably broken and should be ended.


I had the chance to interview Marc Hyden and Ben Jones from Conservatives Concerned about the Death Penalty; you can watch that interview by clicking here.

The death penalty is a really interesting topic to research and ponder. I’m definitely leaning towards the views of these guys especially with my strong “pro-life” beliefs.  I’d love to hear YOUR thoughts and opinions, so please comment below and tell me what you believe and why! This is your opportunity to influence my opinion!

As usual, if you are ever interested in writing a guest blog post for my website, shoot me an email! (

God bless!

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