Who cares about politics? Everyone should! It only affects every aspect of every part of our life, or at least has the potential to affect every part of out lives!  So what can you do about it? Get involved! Here’s a big mishmash of information for you to get involved in some way!:

Recommended websites:

Create a Twitter Account!


  • Find a local political office near you! (Google Search: “[your location] + [political party of your choice])
  • “JTHmishmash’s pick” organization : Americans for Prosperity

Talk to People!

  • Talk with your friends, family, neigboors, or anyone about politics!
  • Encourage others to get involved!
  • Remember: take the high road, don’t get violent or vulgar in your interactions with others.

Be a Citizen Reporter and/or Blogger!

  • Start a blog (using WordPress.com or something else)
  • Show up to events, bring a camera, hit the record button!
  • Research the local, state, and federal operations, expose corruption.


Learn how to use social media websites effectively as a poltical activist:

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  2. […] HomeAboutMe!Get Involved!Helping OthersPoliticsThe Mishmash Report […]

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